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Commercial Underwriter™ is Internet-based software designed for investors, brokers, lenders, equity partners, syndicators, real estate agents, asset managers and real estate professionals. Commercial Underwriter™ can evaluate apartments, mobile home parks, office buildings, retail & many other types of properties.

#1 CRE Analysis Tool in America

Commercial Real Estate Underwriting & Analysis Fast. Accurate. Affordable.

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Continuously enhanced based on our own real life underwriting experiences and feedback from customers.

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What People Are Saying

The software is and has gone beyond my expectations and is a real time saver. To be in the commercial real estate business without this tool would be a huge mistake, but to have this underwriting tool and world class support makes it a no brainer.

Tom A.


I have been using Commercial Underwriter for about a month, and I find it to be an incredibly useful tool to analyze the potential financial performance of commercial real estate. Kudos to the developers for creating a very intuitive program that follows an easy, logical process for inputting data on each property, which then automatically generates a comprehensive multi-year analysis. The ability to generate a report that I can share with colleagues, investors and lenders is invaluable.

Zach W.


The tool makes your inputs easy to compile and allows changes to be made without losing any of your original data. One of the great benefits of the tool is that you can do a quick check before inputting any data to determine if you want to proceed with the deal or not. The reports from the tool are professionally done and have everything that an investor would need to make their decision. The customer service and technical support are great.

Roy J.




Internet Based


Apartment & Commercial Analysis


Presentation Quality Reports


Use on Mac, PC or tablet


Advanced Step Revenue Calculations


Flexible Debt Analysis


Comprehensive Value-add Calculations


Simple Input, Sophisticated Output

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