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Commercial Underwriter™ was born out of that desire to free investors, brokers, and equity partners from manual & hectic property analysis process. And we thought, Why stop at just analysis when we can help investors with in depth underwriting process by giving them easy access to features like rent roll, Apartment Income Forecast, Starting Financials & Assumptions & many more.

Commercial Underwriter™ is designed for investors, brokers, and equity partners to discover more features of the software which can bring ease in underwriting process. Commercial Underwriter™ was born from the idea that to value a great real estate investment, you must have a great real estate analyzing tool. The concept was to create a product that would be efficient, comprehensive and accurate. It must require simple input but produce sophisticated output results. You also need solid proforma projections that demonstrate the story and be able to recast your entire cash flow models and returns on demand when making simple changes.

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Since we are all competing for business, time is of the essence to analyze that deal. You must be able to value as many opportunities as possible. It’s a numbers game.


Commercial Underwriter™ is Internet-based software designed for investors, brokers, lenders, equity partners, syndicators, real estate agents, asset managers and real estate professionals. Commercial Underwriter™ can evaluate apartments, mobile home parks, office buildings, retail & many other types of properties.

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Continuously enhanced based on our own real life underwriting experiences and feedback from customers.

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